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Posted on February 11, 2013 by Michael Fasani.

The Final Thought


"Visualise the markets in seconds! – 5/5"

A smooth, elegant and well-built app that updates every five minutes of the trading day. It allows you to view 900 of the largest stocks in a single glance, a must have for any stock trader.

Reviewed by Michael Fasani on February 11, 2013.

One of the coolest stock trading apps and my personal favourite from a developer’s point of view is StockTouch.

The stock touch app was developed by Related Market LLC and will show you the top 100 stocks in 9 different sectors for both the US and the global market, it does this very simply by using heat maps which visualise the data using colour to really help you understand the market at a glance.

StockTouch covers 4000 companies, it has 30,000 charts and it contains 40,000 news articles. You simply touch and zoom to drill down into the data which is updated every 5 minutes throughout the trading day. It really has to be seen to be believed, the power of this app is like nothing else I have seen before.

You can display data by price change, volume, vs the S&P500 and vs Sector. Once you have chosen the type of data to examine you can then sort the stocks by largest to smallest, percentage gain, volume or alphabetically. Then simply choose your time frame.

Understanding the data with StockTouch

I can tell you in a matter of seconds that in the last year the sector that has grown the most in price is the industrial sector with a +28.33% change. Drilling down further into that data I can tell you that the number one stock in that sector is 3D Systems Corporation (DDD). 3D Systems Corporation is a 3D printing company that has done a 246.15% increase in price. The 52 week low was $20.30 per share and they are now currently trading at $66.91 per share. It also gives me access to 12 of the latest news stories for that company.

An image of the StockTouch iPhone App.

Just as easily I can tell you that in the last week the Utilities sector has performed the worst out of the 9 sectors with only a +0.53% change. The worst stock in that top 100 of that sector is TECO Energy Inc (TE) which has lost -4.04% and it seems that the reason for the drop in price could well be that fact that TECO has been downgraded by Argus.

An image of the StockTouch iPhone App.

You can see by the screen shots above that StockTouch automatically colours stocks so that you can see visually what is happening very quickly, it’s a very smooth and elegant app and I really couldn’t suggest ways that this app could be any better, it looks fantastic and is very very easy to use.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad you need this app. You can get StockTouch in the app store and it’s currently on sale for £1.49.

More StockTouch Screenshots

I have included some more screen shots below. Please feel free to add your comments if you have used the StockTouch app already or if you have anything to add. Thanks!

An image of the StockTouch iPhone App.

An image of the StockTouch iPhone App.

An image of the StockTouch iPhone App.

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